Release Notes
May 2019 3.0 Release
GOV 3.0 Updates

Reporting Update

The registration report has been updated to include the property address


Registration Status Icons

We have included status icons for gov users to easily and quickly be able to identify the status of a registration. To see additional information regarding the registration, they can click on the line item to expand the view.
* Note – When expanding views, please give the system a few moments to load the information.


Property Detail Tabs

GOV users can now toggle between a variety of tabs when viewing a property.

Registrations Tab: This shows all registrations associated to a specific property. You can click on the line item to view additional information such as RP Information.

Requests/Support: This shows all requests and notifications/emails associated to a specific property. Requests include items such as exemption and deregistration requests. You will be able to complete and see the status and number of days opened for each request.

Enforcement: This is where a gov user is able to set and view the enforcement status for the property. All properties marked as enforcement will appear on the enforcement report.

Inspections/Violations: This is where a gov user can see all inspections related to a property as well as maintain violations.